Что Бы Вы Хотели Добавить В Игру?

Чего не хватает игре?   

93 голоса

  1. 1. Что стоит добавить в Killing Floor

    • Стрелкового/холодного оружия
    • Техники/автомобилей
    • Больше зомби
    • Больше официальных карт
    • Больше персонажев
    • Больше перков
    • Свое ( отписать в теме )

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On 10.05.2017 at 10:25 PM, STOUNS said:

what about stalkers for comando?i dont say donation is bad,its good for server thats 1 of reasons why i donated too cause it gives money to server owner who keeps servers running so we all can play.2 its let you lvl up faster if u dont want to play whole life just to get all guns and enjoy them and game donated more or less it doesnt change fact u donate its not bad,but dont say and dont act like u are mother tereza and dont donate,and dont try to tell that in kak clan are only players who dont donate.just truth no hate.

Ur post In principle,u answered. Donate, donate, donate... All this is created artificial so that u donate. More stalkers then u think they will not add otherwise the balance of the donation will be broken but its money...they doesnt wanna lose u know...its impossible to solve :D 
Whatever you ask... this will be add something with a lot of stretch and not soon haha.

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