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  1. Win_7

    Good day sir. I was advised by SJM-vampire to write to due to my loss perks. (

    Am no techie so am having one difficult time trying to regain my loss perks. I definitely need help in this one. It's rather sad that my 3xXP is also running now and am unable to use it. Maybe it can be paused for a while until i can get my old ID back?  Just maybe?? Well that's it sir. I'd appreciate it if you can help.

    1. Win_7


      my new wrong ID 76561201891056162

      my old right ID 76561199337639362

    2. Win_7


      I have sent message via skype yesterday to maps4game-support  " User Name : Win-7 , I loss my perks. Old ID 76561199337639362 , new ID 76561201891056162 " Please act on this. Tell me if am doing this right or not so i can also act on this. Thanks.

    3. Win_7


      I got back my perk just now sir. Thanks.

      err can you activate my x3 experience back?

      It doesn't seem to have been activated yet. 

      Thanks again sir. I will be purchasing\donating more in the near future.