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  1. Players complaining about gas from m32-medic and m79-medic is very lagging. It lags to 5fps. Please fix this Renz
  2. Thank you Renz and Vix i finally got the exp x2 today :dance4:

  3. Wow renz my order still not activate :/

    Paid date 11 August 2017



    1. Vix


      Your order has been activated on the 12 of august

    2. BetaNaked


      Hi Vixen.


      But it never get to me.


      All i have is this since 07 August :/


    3. BetaNaked


      Hi Vixen.


      But it never get to me.


      All i have is this since 07 August :/


      steam id: 76561198056152048

  4. Order id: 000690

  5. i got killing floor steam key for you. go register/install steam and i will give you kf cd key

  6. This is the non kilable bug in KF-KaukasusCastleZM. It stuck 1 Kilo meter Deep underground of KaukasusCastleZM.
  7. Yesterday i changed nick on game but horny Kreator can able to recognize me and abuse the same thing. Why he not abuse Jamelia@admin but he dare to abuse me? He always horny 24/7 gypsy boy. La_grave: stop with that english, it makes me confuse.
  8. I hope everybody improve their english before make statements
  9. 1. Lali_<3 2. [M19]ReDBuLL / WarrioR 3. Forgot time / Date Tuesday 6 January 2015 4. Rude in all every join session 5.
  10. Quit it kabronazoo. You are stuborn act like it was easy thing after kicked me out for many times on zm4. Yeah you say i cant play alone selfish but rule is rule. commandante(RedBull) <- bastard is one i hated the most on your group. Redbull is racist tho
  11. Nepgear
  12. Google translate: Добавить больше кожи, чтобы ZM | | |
  13. Kbronazoo That shows you need to update you KF to latest version 1062 use these 2 links: |