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  1. from the first up to the penultimate wave of course with music, the final wave, i turn off the music and open sound of the game in maximum
  2. Can't you see me falling an endless fall? Can't you hear me calling a neverending call? Can't you see me bleeding? I'm losing control Can't you see me dying? I'm dying alone
  3. Something for my Mom... A face that is always on my mind, A smile I have seen a million times,Two eyes that would light up the sky at night,One last battle you could not fight,The day was long, then night then morn.I knew that soon you would be gone,I clasped your hand so warm in mine,Soon we would be out of time,To stay with us you fought so hard, A million pieces went my heart,Now a photo I look at to see your smile,I keep your number on my speed dial,A video I watch to hear your voice,This I do.... I have no choice.,But great memories I will always keep with me,Your love in my heart for eternity,To understand why, I can but try,Waiting in heaven from this moment on...Thank you for all you've given me Mom.. You will always in my thought and in my heartI miss you Mom...