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  1. About commando weapon GPMG - If someone next to the responsable about FIXES IN WEAPONS, tell about GPMG> This weapon needs some fixes. It doesn't reload when we press 'r'. Just when it is empty. It is too slow reload (very very slow o.O) Please, someone tell RENZ or anyone responsable by doing FIXES. I will try to make a video, but SOMEONE HELP! That is a very nice WEAPON!
  2. This server was better. I remember and miss the times we had all servers full. Good times, those ones
  3. Yes, that is true. I'm sure in what i am talking about. That was very annoying (be banned because of killing the patriarch as fast as possible, or just to don't kill the patriarch> WTF ). Trust me mate, that is true, Heisenberg can confirm that!
  4. YES, because they say - no fun killing the patriarch as fast as possible. I got i session ban because of doing it. ( in fact, to do that all the time is not good to other players, but sometimes, i don't see any problem.) I just don't agree because they just give the ban, without telling the reason. I knew it because of [kak]Heisenberg told me. That happend to him too. I thing it was Cookie*_*Vampire, but i don't remember exacly if it was him. That happend to me twice. The first time, the reason was because i was killing the patriarch fast, and the second was no reason, just at the beginning of the 8° wave. Well, That is it!
  5. About commando weapon. This GPMG - LMG from lvl 150 commando needs some fixes. For example: -It doesn't respawn with player -it doesn't reload when we press 'r' -very slow to reload and maybe it will need more bullets, because it is too heavy and we can carry just this weapon. So GPMG should have more bullets in total (with lvl 160 > full power). The same should happen with PKM lvl 160. This 2 weapons are too heavy, and using them alone, 1500 bullets are not sufficient (i don't know exacly the ammount of ammo). well, that is it, i think. I'm just telling the problem and suggesting.
  6. Si, pero la palabra no es PUTA, es reputación (Opinión, idea o concepto que la gente tiene sobre una persona o una cosa), no poderiam dar ban por isso. el mismo acontece en ingles> reputation. Lo mismo con FALOW ou FALO. Es en mismo en portugues, significa HABLO> en ingles SPEAK Los admins dificilmente van a entender Pero ok ( y perdon pero no hablo español, soy brasileño )
  7. I've found two words in my language that are giving me session ban no reason. This words below are in portuguese 1 - Reputação > In portuguese it means 'reputation' 2- Falow > In portuguese it means speaked ( we can use to say good bye, depends the context) The ban happended when i was talking to a friend of mine in my language! So i would like you guys to reveiw it and remove the session ban by this works. You can search and see, it is not a bad language I just don't want problems with ban !
  8. I think so too, but [Noob]RPG and paramore also had this problem. Now it is ok, so ...
  9. Ok, but that is not good. Thanks!
  10. I bought privet and now i can't vote map in zm1, zm2, zm3. I can confirm that. [Noob]RPG and paramore can´t vote too. A bug, right? Can someone check?!
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  12. (haha you like Phodaks i know ) Damn. No reason to that bug. It must be fixed. I sent a message to renz and jamelia. I hope they do something. Once happened to me with x2, but they fixed. Thanks!