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  1. Is one problem with corrupted texture for this reason you see and have low framerate with medic grenade. Try this: -Steam version: a)Verify Integrity of Game Files=====> b)Search in your game folder 2 files,"Killingfloor.ini"and "User.ini" c)Move or delete this files d)Open in your Killing floor e)Add Ip of ZM: Zm 2(Totalline) Zm 1(Profline) Zm 3(Megaline) Zm 4(Private) f)-Only waiting , you need downloading all files of zm g)Enjoy :3 Note:-Backup of your favorite server list
  2. wena cra   ando inspeccionando en el foro xd hace tiempo no le echaba un ojo   lo tenia too abandonao jaja   ya nos vemos por ahi otro dia ._.

  3. Hi friend`s,i have any dude respect with hunter. Why have less damage with all weapon? I dont kill small mobs with shotgun(in hard) :c and hunting rifle dont have damage in the head. My beatiful hunter is now so weak
  4. Check resistent of damage of demolition perk,is invulnerability all damage Actualy playing with perk is god mode
  5. Change in the perk-Berserker:equilibrium in the damage and speed -Sharpshooter more damage and bonus of critical damage -Demolition new weapon and bonus "real"for lv up -Comando more amno in low lv (-lv 40) -Medic,more bonus for lv up,(only change lv up is syringe recharge)
  6. When fixed sharpshooter?The damage is very low with sniper of high level(m82 and volga).Only bonus is reload speed and stability :/ For example,vintorez before update killed brute with 3-5 shoot in suicidal,now more 15 shoot`s.Other example volga killed fp with only shoot in all server full,now more 6 shoot.. Is funny haved lv 119 and killed one clot with 3 shoot of 9 mm :( -Plis testing and fixed damage in all sniper(musket,crossbow,vintorez,svd,m99,m82 and volga) In my opinion the damage is good in level action,m14,fn fal and hk. Thx for attention :)
  7. 1-Crazy89 2-BroLy[$$L 3-24/08/2014,aprox 1:20 am time of Argentina,zombiemaniya 4 epicline 4-Use of offensive language towards the player Natasha! 3 (my girlfriend) by the player Broly [$$ L Compliments to ask the administration ban this player, it's a shame for Latino players, abuse kick, blocking other players to death, offensive language and indiscriminate use of the microphone. Women should be respected and these insults and offenses are too *Insults and offenses: a)who will make you listen to you fucking prostitute fucking posting pictures to masturbate. b)As you do not get fucked in real life you are looking for attention in a fucking game You disgust c)Look at getting the family give me fucking disgusting cyber prostitute
  8. 1-crazy89 2-In the screenshoot 3-zombiemaniya 2,9/08/2014 (2:00-3:00 am) 4-more player user bug,making very slow game, the enemies get stuck in the respwan. Plis fixed map or remove the map bug of list of map.Thanks and sorry my english is bad n.n