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    Santiago (Chile)
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  1. no xd, if you dont know your old ID you cant do nothing
  2. 1.Obscuro 2.Glejdy 3. 09-03-2018 4. player using AIMBOT 5. https://youtu.be/l75E9nix4SA
  3. ZombieManiya

    somebody can answer me? any help?
  4. ZombieManiya

    im banned from the 3 servers
  5. ZombieManiya

    привет, я здесь, потому что вчера меня запретили, и, по-видимому, без причины, Ренц послал меня поговорить здесь, я не знаю, почему, но я пытаюсь объяснить, что со мной произошло. Есть ли способ решить это?
  6. no mate, just i tried to join today and i already banned i dont know why... нет помощника, только я пытался присоединиться сегодня, и я уже запретил, я не знаю, почему ...
  7. who can explain why i was banned? кто может объяснить, почему я был запрещен? https://ibb.co/n6yYpR
  8. wena cra   ando inspeccionando en el foro xd hace tiempo no le echaba un ojo   lo tenia too abandonao jaja   ya nos vemos por ahi otro dia ._.

  9. 666  we need more admins like you xD see you soon

  10. "bad player"...   i also need stalkers man  ¬¬

    1. gravedigger


      I need too. then let's make a deal with you. get a part stalker yours. I am a part stalker

  11. 1.Daark_Phoenix 2. Byron 3. 21 4. Chile (South America) 5. 3 years (early 2014) 6. not everyday: 3 - 4 hours 7. integrated notebook micro only 8. no 9. i like the idea of be part of a clan with great players, some experienced in the server )) 10. yes i agree 11. undefined 12. stoned jesus 13. i feel identified with the members of the clan 14. i see a solid group with good and skillful players )))
  12. Kf2

    I was looking for kf2 servers in gametracker, but i did not find one, i remember a RPG zombiemaniya server in killing floor 2 but now i can't see any.. some zombiemaniya server is working on kf2??
  13. hi men long time xd  send greetings to roma when you see him  lately i can't play almost anything too much work ¬¬ i see u in the server soon :)

    1. Pollution


      Hi! I'm glad to see you. I'm busu too (bloody work:D). I will send info to Roma. He still plays at server and i'll want to see you at server too. See you there, mate! 

  14. http://subefotos.com/ver/?4428eb548a307bcc79317eac26bb815do.jpg she is a good player so she cant get banned she dont violate rules auto healing is allowed. moderation too much partial :/