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    Santiago (Chile)
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  1. :fool: uhmm  posicion 14...  voy a darle duro a esta cosa e.e


  2. wena cra   ando inspeccionando en el foro xd hace tiempo no le echaba un ojo   lo tenia too abandonao jaja   ya nos vemos por ahi otro dia ._.

  3. 666  we need more admins like you xD see you soon

  4. "bad player"...   i also need stalkers man  ¬¬

    1. gravedigger


      I need too. then let's make a deal with you. get a part stalker yours. I am a part stalker

  5. 1.Daark_Phoenix 2. Byron 3. 21 4. Chile (South America) 5. 3 years (early 2014) 6. not everyday: 3 - 4 hours 7. integrated notebook micro only 8. no 9. i like the idea of be part of a clan with great players, some experienced in the server )) 10. yes i agree 11. undefined 12. stoned jesus 13. i feel identified with the members of the clan 14. i see a solid group with good and skillful players )))
  6. Kf2

    I was looking for kf2 servers in gametracker, but i did not find one, i remember a RPG zombiemaniya server in killing floor 2 but now i can't see any.. some zombiemaniya server is working on kf2??
  7. hi men long time xd  send greetings to roma when you see him  lately i can't play almost anything too much work ¬¬ i see u in the server soon :)

    1. Pollution


      Hi! I'm glad to see you. I'm busu too (bloody work:D). I will send info to Roma. He still plays at server and i'll want to see you at server too. See you there, mate! 

  8. http://subefotos.com/ver/?4428eb548a307bcc79317eac26bb815do.jpg she is a good player so she cant get banned she dont violate rules auto healing is allowed. moderation too much partial :/
  9. ok but show me the numerous breaches i dont know what are you talking about? PD: others players violate constantly the rules and they are not punished. example: malina :v
  10. this russian people god... ok
  11. someone can say me why im banned?? in the map lil big clot