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  1. i have a question why como m32 granade luncher it has bugs !!! this weapon cant droped and sell in the treader !! This weapon is lvl 40 and now also 70 wahts going on here i cant buy in the trader m202 aaa :/ ????? ON THIS WEAPON CANT PLAY . .i asking for a quick answer thx :)
  2. I bought 8 January EXPERIENCE comado and x2 and have not yet been activated , why and when they are activated?
  3. Paypal will be activated in store for those who want to buy and they can not ?
  4. hello I Dziki why once again my perks where removed what is the reason . Currently i achieved 17 medic , 10 demolitions , 6 sniper and why are zero perks lvl again . Sorry for my language is bad .