[KaK]Kill all Kills
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  1. DOPELORD ex Stonejesus 20.08.95 ID : 76561198271081272
  2. i donated private server couple of times XD take it easy , i'm talking in general you should respect my opinion
  3. What would you like to remove from the game? Donaters to make it a fairfull game
  4. ladies and gentlemen eng please
  5. to be honest with you, KaK members care about their careers in the game, the most of us played hard to get high levels without donate and stuff, maybe a few members used to donated but that happened before they joined the clan, so i am as a member of the clan and the one who represents the other members, we won't keep a donater with us, that's means all of us are the same. p.s : we don have any grudge against Stouns he's not a bad player but rules are rules.
  6. We are KaK not Cookie or VS or whatever..
  7. Gravedigger is also not a part of KaK anymore for giving a bad reputation for the clan.
  8. i have respect for you so be nice and know what are you saying, well go inbox i'll let you know.
  9. Stouns is not a part of KaK anymore for giving a bad reputation for the clan.
  10. Oh mon ami Pollutio i hope you're doing good
  11. i miss you guys
    1. StonedJesus


      I always like this song, thanks for sharing it :D  Мне всегда нравилась эта песня, спасибо, что поделились ею :D

      I got so much money i should start a band

      so much paper right in front of me

      it's hard to think

      find so many bottles

      it's gon be hard to drink

      but i'm still pouring up  and my family here

      and they rolling up so, ugh XD :aiwan-lol:


    2. white_fan88


      no problem bro))

  12. Jeeeeeesus, gorefast can fly
  13. Don't waste your time, 42 is a goddamn level i got banned 2 times (2 weeks - 2 weeks) because of it
  14. Oh no xD i have a shoes sponsor :p