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  1. Здравствуйте, у меня вопрос, есть ли возможность восстановить Paypal, потому что я и много моих друзей, они купили оружие через peypala, и теперь этот вариант не представляется возможным, если это вообще возможно, пожалуйста, вернуть его, потому что много игроков теперь не может купить кстати, если лос России, izvinjajem его, перевести его: D спасибо заранее! Hello, I have a question, is there any way to return paypal, because I and many of my friends have bought the gun over the paypal, and now this option is not available , if possible, return it, because a lot of players can not now buy it , By the way if it is bad Russian, sorry, google translate is: D, thanks in advance!
  2. i want to exchange this acc if its possible for weapons from shop,becouse i dont have any option to purchase it http://prntscr.com/g2nk37 Games Killing Floor 1 - 14,99 euro Rust - 19,99 euro That is 34.99 euro If this is possible,can someone of administration reply,so we can deal thanks :)
  3. On of the best mix,good while playing :P
  4. Hello,just wanted to ask,there is no more paypal payment method for me,is that method deleted parmanently or it will be back? :))
  5. Hello,just quick question,forum bugging for all or its just me,i cant buy nothing,or start topic,only topic working now for me at least.Thanks #LiLcRoSS http://prntscr.com/ftgghb
  6. Admin on totalline banned me,becouse i was class demolitions,player nick was Riollia,i was shooting zombies,map Policestation,Riollia was lvl 98 Sharpshooter,and i shooted with grenade zombies,so she didn't take that 4 headshots,and i was banned,im sure there are a lot of admins or players that would say im a nice guy,and i didnt to anything wrong,pictures are from my friend,Thanks