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  1. )

    This was afternoon lol, and taking 3days ban for 1 Bug it's way to much .
  2. )

    I just got ban from both servers - can i ask for what reason ?
  3. If you swear in server you'll get ban only till the map ends + in that server only. After map changes you can join ( this is automatically ban from server if you use words which are not allowed to use). In case you type by mistake and take ban join other server, there's not just one server #GL
  4. I saw this topic, so I wanted to apply also, idk how much can other players be accepted for admin , except the ones who know russ lang :) 1. 21 2. `[NO]Reason. 3. More than 4 years 4. Afternoon - from 14:00 on... 5. ZM1 and ZM3 mostly 6. Nope !
  5. Am with you about this, before you used to kill FP with 2shots of m202, now with 2 shots you can't even kill a gorefast. Better to bring back the powers for these guns like before, otherwise playing Demolition it's not funny at all
  6. yok, kim sin sen unutum vallah
  7. Actress - are you girl ? lmao
  8. I was in Private server also, but i didn't had any problem to join other server and vote for map. Maybe something went wrong with your PC or gameplay that moment... Idk
  9. That happens to donators only
  10. Phodaks :) 1.50x sometimes gets bugged, same happened to me before - it doesn't give you extra exp. But it could be fixed !!!!!
  11. Well, it's not a bad idea to have an admin who can speak English clearly. What emoto said: that only russian and ukainian players become admins - i don't think that is true. Most of admins can't help other players just because they don't know to speak english. +1 for StonedJesus if they won't make stoned admin = then vote for ME
  12. Fix

    I wanted to report M202 Grimm Reaper Demolition weapon. It's very annoying when we get killed by self - just make it not happen, like the Flash one from Firebug ! Thanks for your attention !
  13. !!!

    I ordered some items yesterday its done more then 24h but still nothing... Can you do something... and ye reply to skype
  14. ...

    Sorry guys, it was my mistake. I didn't make payment successfuly that's it.
  15. ...

    How long do i need to wait ?