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  1. Just a notification to admin: X3 experience not working when using commando M60, 1 stalker kill is recorded as 1 only instead of 3. However APS and PKM are working fine.
  2. your not alone on this mate, mine too.
  3. ban

    ok, thanks.
  4. ban

    I got banned more than 2 weeks ago from ZM4. Can i still donate to enter ZM4 or is the ban permanent? Thanks.
  5. For which perk is the evicerator for? There is no description in the selection screen. What are its properties? Thanks.
  6. Am not sure if this is the same case but when i play alone as firebug Lv27 on ZM4 on hell on earth mode, despite my x2damage and x3exp, i only get about 0.1M experience or less in 1 wave. Is this really the how it is supposed to work? It is rather verrrrry Slowwwwww progression of perk and would make donating for exp and damage boost useless for firebug. Now if it is a bug, Could you please check on it? Thanks.
  7. I have observed that when using high end weapon of commando such as galil , GPMG, etc the number of stalker killed is not multiplied x3 and is recorded as 1kill only. But when using low end weapon like Tommy gun or hk417, the x3 exp is working fine. Can you please fix the bug? Thanks.
  8. It looks like ZM is having problems sending messages\confirmation on your present email. You can try using another e mail. Mine is
  9. Sorry about this, but i can no longer access the thread for support regarding problems, there is no where you can write problems regarding ZM. (Changes have been made by admin, i think) My access to Sundries which used to be in English has now turned to russian ( )and it would not accept my id and password.  Could you please direct me to the English section of sundries? (URL) Thanks.

    1. Renz



  10. 1expx2=2exp then 2expx3=6, So the xp boost run 1 after the other then? Well i was just hoping,... it would not hurt just to ask. Haha. thanks
  11. I would like to inquire as to: (1) What would happen if i have a currently active x2 experience and then donated for a x3 experience? would the x2exp have to finish first before the x3exp becomes active? or would they concurrently (at the same time) becomes active?( x2 + x3 = x6?) (2) I keep reading about promotional codes but i cannot find any (codes) :( I would like to donate more but these donations are compiling up to a pretty sums. I would appreciate it if you could send me a promo code thru my email. Am now becoming your regular patron and would appreciate it if you could give me a break. Well thats it. Thanks for any reply.
  12. Sorry, my bad. I did not notice it was 1.5E before. Thanks for the correction.
  13. The site for donations for experience mentions : In this department there is a system of discounts. Your discount depends on the number of choosen goods. It is made automatically. The system of dicounts: 5 pieces and more - 5 % discount 10 pieces and more - 10 % discount 15 pieces and more - 15 % discount 20 pieces and more - 20 % discount 25 pieces and more - 25 % discount 30 pieces and more - 30 % discount But when i tried 5 or more, there was no discount :( Stalkers for Commando 1.43 € x 5 pcs. 7.13 € Also the donations for x2 experience is Experience - х2 17.18 € x 1 pcs. 17.18 € 5 дней: 30 Days Can't you also lower the donation for x3 experience which is 30E for 30 days to encourage more donations?
  14. Hello guys. With all the ban on use of bugs, Can any of you guys comment on this? The bunker place entrance in the map "Pulsa" can be welded and closed so most z are not able to enter except the shiver. You can shoot out the porthole of the bunker door without being attacked by the z outside (except the shiver which can enter). Quite similar to the map "No mercy". Now someone commented " bug and ban" on this map Pulsa. So what say you guys? Should this be considered a bug? If so, then won't it be the same with the 'No mercy' map? I think your comment guys would be valuable to guide both users and admin. Thanks in advance to your comments.