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  1. Yes, any player that wanders in the gas ends up having difficulty moving around. It will be nice if this could be fixed.
  2. i also found this but sadly its in russian:
  3. Well I thought it was created for newbies to make it easier to progress better in their perks and also for veteran whose other perks that are low can do catch up. I also noted an increase of new players which would translate to bigger chances of donations for the server(Whoa!! $$$$). So do I thinks its good to have a normal waves? Answer is yes. As for the longer numbers of (9)waves i think it is needed because in normal mode the game waves tends to be easier and thus accomplish in a shorter time period. It also helps me determine on the site selection whether its playing Normal or Hard even before i joined In. Kudos Fellas
  4. Solution: Do not spawn as Demo but rather some other perks at the beginning of a game you just joined in. It does not matter at what wave its on (Except the last wave) , avoid dying before a new wave start and choose to be a demo. You would be able to get rid of your previous perk-inventory and buy new ones.
  5. I got the same problem too. I think the server is just updating the game.
  6. Hey Thanks. Its useful and its a start.
  7. Could someone please post a list of characteristic of the different perks in English as to their characteristic in each level. There is a lot of confusion as to what do the different perks do as you advance in Level. All I see is ~~~ and i don't understand Russian, sometimes its even worse as there is only a blank space. Thanks Fellas.
  8. A Funny thing just happened on Z site 1&2, just now, everyone got a perk boost to lv. 100
  9. Am with you on this. However there is a small consolation on the use of RPG as against the M202. The RPG has a wider area of damage than M202 so its useful on groups of weaker Z., When you have the RPG and use the form of medic as perk you can still refill all 30 rockets in the trader, unlike the M202 which is limited to only 3 sets of rockets instead of 7. However the M202 can easily get ammo from ammo cache (1 set of 4 rocket per ammo cache) (while RPG gets 0-1 rocket per ammo cache) and can shoot all 4 rockets at the same time. (Useful on Patriarch). I still miss the old power of M202 though.
  10. I would also like to add that the RPG cannot pass thru other players without exploding and thus limiting its use. Sometimes m202 is more useful than the RPG because of this.
  11. File your application here mate
  12. A relative of Crazy Chicken? More and More players are getting Crazyy!
  13. One of Those Confusing Days...
  14. Four against One : Life is not fair