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  1. A Funny thing just happened on Z site 1&2, just now, everyone got a perk boost to lv. 100
  2. Am with you on this. However there is a small consolation on the use of RPG as against the M202. The RPG has a wider area of damage than M202 so its useful on groups of weaker Z., When you have the RPG and use the form of medic as perk you can still refill all 30 rockets in the trader, unlike the M202 which is limited to only 3 sets of rockets instead of 7. However the M202 can easily get ammo from ammo cache (1 set of 4 rocket per ammo cache) (while RPG gets 0-1 rocket per ammo cache) and can shoot all 4 rockets at the same time. (Useful on Patriarch). I still miss the old power of M202 though.
  3. I would also like to add that the RPG cannot pass thru other players without exploding and thus limiting its use. Sometimes m202 is more useful than the RPG because of this.
  4. File your application here mate
  5. A relative of Crazy Chicken? More and More players are getting Crazyy!
  6. One of Those Confusing Days...
  7. Four against One : Life is not fair
  8. Romeo & Juliet === a Love Story
  9. Wow! That was some time ago. You got a pic of the event! Haha. That's nice. At first i was confused as to how i got there, until i realized the BRUTE did it, when it hit me i was thrown up there. Haha. How's that for luck! Thanks for the pic. This makes my day. Err by the way, it's Win_7 and not Windows7 haha. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for the update admin. the bug in the trader disappeared.
  11. Hi Stouns. These are awesome weapons. Are these already available in the current game or will be in the future? Thanks!
  12. Haha, that would be the ideal game for everyone. Unfortunately there won't be any game. The site would close up for lack of income to maintain the site. haha. But really brother, In my experience, life is not always fair. That's just the way things are. They make us or they break us. We just have to learn to "roll with the punches" and move on. To stand up if we fall. Peace Bro.
  13. Am not for or against anyone. This is just a misunderstanding. I agree that the site needs an income to maintain the site. No debate on that. I think that KaK rules is that we no longer use bug or cheats once we join. The past is just that, the past. If we were using cheats before we joined KaK, then that's fine. I mean the point is to desist from using cheats knowingly once we have joined the clan. I don't agree with immediate termination of erring members though, I still prefer the 3 strike policy, No one is infallible and we are bound to commit mistake sometimes..(As humans we are far from perfect) I hope this helps in settling some issues. Let us move on. PEACE BROTHERS, LIFE IS TOO SHORT.
  14. Yes, English pleazzzzzzze!!