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  1. I did not encounter the lag in the gaseous type only in the one where there is a green smear on the floor with a hissing sound. It appears like a flat green-paint like round image with a splatter on its periphery. Like a sunburst. However now that discovered the vertical sync and tripple buffering, it's no longer a problem.
  2. Wonderful news guys! the lag has greatly improve with a simple adjustment of my setting in the the menu. Go to Menu/setting/Display and check the vertical sync and tripple buffering. That's it. Try and see.
  3. I was browsing thru the shop selection of support and medic bots and noted that selection at 20days was 4.03E but when you select 30days it was 25.92E. There is such a big discrepancy here so definitely there is a mistake in the pricing here.
  4. Ahh, yes! Thanks Sirmais.
  5. Sorry for being a noob, am interested on the x2 damage but i don't know Russian and don't know which page is it since its in Russian: (1) (2) Is it 1 or 2? Secondly am not familiar with the currency py6. Can we donate with other currency when acquiring this? what is the conversion rate from py6 to lets say euro? Thanks fellas.
  6. Yes please and thanks.
  7. Unfortunately i have already been in that page and there is only x3 experience you can select there. There is no x2 damage selection there. I can only find it in the Russian page i have indicated above.
  8. awww, that's too bad, Thanks for the info.
  9. I have tried using this code when buying-donating for experience and it keep saying error in the code. What are we supposed to type in? I tried 25%, Promotional code 25%, Discount promotional code ~ they all did not work. Any help guys??
  10. Can anyone share what are the codes??
  11. Thank You!
  12. Hi. My perks were just restored today but without my x3 experience bonus. It is only about the 20th day of a 30 day duration. Could i have them back please.
  13. Hi, I was wondering if you can share any discount code when purchasing in the ZM shop? I don't know where to get them. ZM keeps saying Discount promotional code 25%.:D, Thanks.

  14. Lets me put it in another way. Compared to a normal damage you get 1damage per hit but with x2damage you get 2damage per hit, multiply that to x3 exp and that's how i ended up with a total of 6exp per hit. (Remember equation 2damage = 2exp x3exp) In a way the x2damage is a sort of multiplier of exp since you get 2 exp per hit\damage instead of the normal 1hit=1damage=1exp. I know its getting kinda confusing but repeat reading it and it becomes clearer.
  15. If let say you got x3 experience and you added x2 damage and since some perks are based on total damage = total experience (eg Support, berserker, etc) will that relate to : normal damage1x2 damage x 3 experience = x6 in total experience?? If that is the case that will be a pretty darn quick to level up!! Can anybody verify this?? Thanks fellas.
  16. Order №000841 from Saturday, 10 February 2018 05:20 Saturday, 10 February 2018 05:20
  17. My user name Win_7 ID 76561199337639362
  18. Ok, finally got my perks back just now. Thanks admin.
  19. About 3 days ago we had a power interruption while my computer is running which caused an irrecoverable damage to my OS (Operating system) Windows 7. Fortunately i have a dual OS. my other OS, a Windows XP was able to run my game KF. Unfortunately in the game all my perks are gone and a different ID appears (bottom and mid image). This has happened before. Usually i only wait to a few hours to about 1 day before my perks revert back to normal, but alas, its been the 3rd day and still all my perks are still gone. (Top Image) was my previous ID with perks, and bottom and mid image are my present perks gone state... Help anyone? :
  20. Thanks for the info you just gave, that finally opened the door to my getting back my perks.:D

  21. Oh i see. Now at least i know how longggg to wait. haha. Thanks for the info.
  22. All am getting on skype so far is : "Waiting for Support to accept Invitation"........
  23. OK here is what came out on Skype: typed :maps4game-support exact match was : Support ZombiManiya Note: ZombiManiya is spelled with a "Y" I hope i got this right..... I will be waiting for results.
  24. Ok I'll try. Thanks
  25. I manage to install Windows7 but now KF says its not for non steam players. but when i open it with /win XP am able to play KF but my perks are still gone. I manage to install skype but both zombimania and are waiting to respond. (Sorry am still a noob here and don't know how to use skype). so i'd just type my user name, old and new ID and send it. I don't know if it were receive or not, but my perks are still gone at this time :(