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  1. yes It is so boring and long map we need them to make boss hp more players now kill boss so fast most of players got high lvls so no fun in boss wave we need it more hp
  2. yes problem solved finally i think problem was in server itself now its good
  3. i can't get in the game new files and updates keep downloading so slow or after loading it starts to load again i think it's server problem my net connection is fine any help ?
  4. am no longer take part of kak clan there's no specific reason or problem u are my friends nothing changed but i do not want be embarrassed iam not old player iam not pro no hard feelings at all cheers
  5. yes its paid weapons which u can get it from site for dollars
  6. Come on guys its ok stoned never meant to disrespect all of u i think he had to write that clan members shouldn't use vip weapons and i know that u all dont know about it so easy and let us fix this in private msgs
  7. wtf bro u might get hurt craziness overload
  8. I think this belongs to u
  9. Yes this happend couple times its ok In-fact i dont use my berserker anymore even if i did i dont kill unless all players are dead
  10. hahahaha i was there crazy89 was attacking boss from water XD and he killed it
  11. i missed that
  12. hahahah shame on stoned XD