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  1. i can't get in the game new files and updates keep downloading so slow or after loading it starts to load again i think it's server problem my net connection is fine any help ?
  2. am no longer take part of kak clan there's no specific reason or problem u are my friends nothing changed but i do not want be embarrassed iam not old player iam not pro no hard feelings at all cheers
  3. yes its paid weapons which u can get it from site for dollars
  4. Come on guys its ok stoned never meant to disrespect all of u i think he had to write that clan members shouldn't use vip weapons and i know that u all dont know about it so easy and let us fix this in private msgs
  5. wtf bro u might get hurt craziness overload
  6. Insult players

    1. STOUNS


      yea I always insult u :dirol:

  7. I think this belongs to u
  8. Yes this happend couple times its ok In-fact i dont use my berserker anymore even if i did i dont kill unless all players are dead
  9. hahahaha i was there crazy89 was attacking boss from water XD and he killed it
  10. i missed that
  11. hahahah shame on stoned XD
  12. ahahahaha and the Oscars goes to.. ........
  13. i think its auto kick or connection failed like if you said the f word u will be kicked untill the map ends up if they kicked u for specific reason they would post it in this topic http://forum.maps4games.ru/topic/471-баны-активные/#comment-46582
  14. every time i catch you doing this
  15. This topic is for, funny moments and screenshots of game .