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    killing floor

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  1. exactly. I complain about it from me. now one of them will play this game.
  2. I complain to this player. please take care no more bother
  3. 1) Gravedigger 2) RESET 3) 03.12.2017 -21: 25 4)disrespect and bad words constantly
  4. Hello I had purchased Experience x3 (30 days) via PayPal on Friday, 22 September 2017. On the 1st of October I got a ban over 15 days. I was able to use my order for 23 days, then I got the ban.Today I was able to play again, but my EXP 3 is no longer active. I still have 7 days EXP x3.I ask for activierung because otherwise I activate Paypal!My ID 76561199820771718gravedigger
  5. какой клан?
  6. I want an answer to your message


  7. "bad player"...   i also need stalkers man  ¬¬

    1. gravedigger


      I need too. then let's make a deal with you. get a part stalker yours. I am a part stalker

  8. Who will help me. I want to guarantee the whole perks:declare:

  9. I understand you stouns. They do not have the right to call me big trash. I told him not to just talk to me. I loved him and insulted me two
  10. 1:Gravedigger 2: tamazi and pyshas99 3:18.06.2017 12.30 4:Who will help me in this regard.I told him not to talk to me. 2 players who insulted me. I play in the frame of respect. 5: image
  11. Happy birthday, buddy! Fun to see the world! Let it rather All your desires. Let the hand crunch notes: Euros, dollars, rubles... Fails let health. Laugh and drink and love life!


    1. gravedigger


      Thanks for your good wishes :)